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Health and Safety


1. Identification of Substance Or Preparation


2. Composition of Substance Or Preparation

A blend of sulphonated hydrocarbons derived from oil, with organic and inorganic acids in solution with water.

3. Hazards Identification

c - corrosive

4. First Aid Measures

Inhalation : Not applicable.

Skin Contact : Wash affected area with warm soapy water.

Eye Contact : Irrigate eye with water or eye wash solution for 10 – 15 minutes. If irritation persists seek medical attention.

Ingestion: Effects minimised by drinking water or milk. Do not induce vomiting

5. Fire Fighting Measures

Material is non flammable, is water soluble and does not support combustion, but if involved in a fire could give off toxic fumes, such as sulphur dioxide. Use self contained breathing apparatus. Use any suitable fire fighting medium.

6. Accidental Release Measures

Absorb large spillage with sand or any suitable medium. Put into suitable containers for disposal as hazardous waste. Small spillage may be flushed away with water. Avoid washings entering water courses. Do not allow product to enter eyes.

7. Handling And Storage

Handling : Avoid skin and eye contact Dilution : The product is intended to be diluted in water prior to use. The product must be added to the water. Do not add water directly into the product as this will cause the mixture to foam.

Storage : Avoid mild steel storage. Avoid extremes of temperature.

8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Respiratory Protection : Not applicable

Hand Protection : Wear suitable gloves

Eye Protection : Wear a face shield or goggles

Skin protection : Wear suitable overalls

Occupational Exposure Limit : Not applicable

9. Physical And Chemical Properties

Appearance : Dark Brown Liquid

Odour : Sharp

pH : 0.5

Boiling Point : Above 100ºC

Melting Point : Not applicable

Vapour Pressure : Not applicable

Relative Density : 1.23

Solubility in Water : Complete

Flash Point : Above 70ºC - does not support combustion.

10. Stability And Reactivity

Conditions to avoid : Extremes of temperature. Preferably keep product above 0ºC and below 60ºC. At low temperatures product will tend to crystallise and cause problems with workability. At temperatures above 60ºC pressure build-up will start in the container and above 120º degradation of the product will commence.

Materials to avoid : Avoid product contact with alkalis, mild steel. Hazardous Decom-position Products : Sulphur Dioxide, Sulphuric Acid, Carbon Dioxide.

11. Toxological Information

Skin Contact : Not considered toxic by skin contact.

Eye Contact : Risk of persistent effects in eye.

Ingestion : May cause nausea. No toxic effect expected. Product will irritate mucous membrane.

12. Ecological Information

Product is regarded as non toxic and is greater than 99% biodegradable according to EEC Directive 82/243.

13. Disposal Considerations

Dispose of with due consideration, according to Local Authority guide lines.

14. Transport Information

U.N. Number : 2584 I.M.D.G. : Class 8 Packaging : Group ll Proper Shipping Name : Alkylsulphonic acids, liquids, with more than 5% free sulphuric acid. Customs Tariff Heading : 2904.10.10 (Sulphonic Acids)

15. Regulatory Information

Labelling according to the criteria of EEC Directive 88/379/EEC. Symbol : c - corrosive R-phases : 36/37/38 S-phases : 26 – 37 Refer to national legislation for specific measures that may be relevant.

16. Other Information

The information given in this Health and Safety Data Sheet is intended to describe the product only in terms of health and safety requirements. It does not signify any warranty with regard to specific properties or specifications.